Inter-Endeavour Working Groups

The original goal behind the following inter-Endeavour working groups is to facilitate discussions and sharing of ideas across multiple research groups within Endeavour who share similar research interests. However, the mailing list is open to public, and we welcome everyone to share their insights and ideas.

Network Monitoring

Many projects within Endeavour can leverage a wide-area monitoring/measuring infrastructure that gathers network/traffic statistics or topology information to make some kind of design/control decisions. For example, the Clearing House (CH) architecture in ICEBERG needs to monitor traffic fluctuation and network performance to adapt resource provisioning across multiple domains before satisfactory QoS can be achieved. Topology and server-load information are essential for introspection and optimation in location, routing and application-level multicast within the OceanStore project. Information about network performance and load of operators are needed for Automatic Path Selection (APC) in Ninja to select a sequence of operators that form the optimal path between the sender and receiver.

This working group is interested in identifying the common core of such monitoring/measuring infrastructure, if it exists, where the lower-level measurements can be shared across multiple projects/applications. Project/application specific measurement-layers can then be built on top of this common core.

Mailing List

We have set up a mailing list for the network monitoring group. You can subscribe to this mailing list by mailing majordomo@endeavour with
subscribe netmonitor

in the body of the message.

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